Trendy White Bridal Looks That You Must Try

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Every year there emerges a new trend for bridal look. With this new trend, a sense of excitement rushes through the veins of those women who are going to be brides. In 2023 white bridal looks are on trend. All thanks to celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Alana Pandey. Imagine yourself wearing a white bridal lehenga with subtle makeup, and intricate jewellery, walking down the aisle like a queen. Isn’t it surreal? If imagining it makes you elated, then in reality it will definitely give you a dreamlike look. Although a bride wearing white is not an Indian tradition except in some parts of the country, with the merging of different cultures, many brides are ditching the tradition of wearing red and opting for soft and light colours that not only make them look elegant but also make them look charismatic.

In this article, we shall be looking at some of the trendy white bridal looks that you must try in 2023. There are different websites, such as Like A Diva in the UK that provide you with different types of Indian wedding dresses online. All these dresses are available in different colours, that also include pastel and subtle colours like beige, white, peach and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the trendy white bridal dresses that can give you an amazing look.

Off-white embroidered lehenga

When it comes to bridal lehenga, everyone wants it to be in intricate designs and some or more embellishments. Therefore, if you are choosing an off-white lehenga, make sure that it has some intricate designs. There is a reason for this. Since white or off-white is a subtle colour and if you are wearing it for your wedding and it is subtle even in its design, then it won’t give you a bridal look. So, if the colour is subtle, the lehenga should at least come with some embellishments and intricate designs. Wear this lehenga with an amazing diamond set and subtle makeup; with this getup, you are definitely going to get a regal look.

Cream coloured Anarkali dress

Cream is one of the shades of white. If you aren’t getting a pure white or off-white for your bridal outfit, you can consider having a cream-coloured bridal outfit for your D day which will give your look an angelic vibe. These days Anarkali gowns are on trend and even there are brides who are choosing different designs of Anarkali gowns for their wedding. If you want to ditch the trend of wearing a lehenga or a saree on your wedding day and want to wear something different in terms of colour and style, you should definitely go for a cream-coloured Anarkali dress or a white coloured Anarkali dress with intricate designs. You will look ethereal and alluring as a bride in an intricately designed cream-coloured Anarkali dress.

Organza silk embroidery saree in white

If your wedding is in the Summer season, it is better to wear a bridal outfit that is in a comfortable fabric such as organza silk and is in light coloured shade, such as white or ivory. If you are planning to wear a saree for your wedding, make sure that you are going for a silk saree in white colour or in other shades of white, such as off-white, ivory, cream and so on. The saree should also be intricately designed with embroidery work, gold-tone zari work and sequin work so that it gives you a complete bridal look. You can also opt for a white-coloured organza silk saree with minimal embellishments if heavy intricate designs are not to your taste. Overall the saree should give you a regal and ethereal vibe so that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Summing up
These are some of the trendy white bridal outfits which you can try to get a glamorous bridal look. If a pure white bridal outfit is not available, you can always choose for different other shades of white, such as, off-white, cream, ivory and so on. This means if you want a colourless wedding lehenga, you can choose from any of these options.

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