4 Important Facts About the Different Types of Dresses

cute corset dresses

Dresses are one-piece garments that include a skirt attached to the bodice. They are multifunctional wears that have been integrated into many cultures today. They can be used suitably for different themes and occasions. Most women easily conclude that any dress will do for any event.  However, that is not always the case. It is important to make the right decisions when choosing dresses. The following facts about dresses can help guide you in your selection for a specific type of dress:

Dresses Suit a Particular Occasion/Setting

 Dresses fit numerous occasions in your life. They can either be formal or informal. Choosing the right dress for a setting will influence the decision about the length of your dress.  Flowy cute corset dresses can work well with gala events and even wedding receptions.  It is important to note that the mentioned events and settings will also influence the color of your dress. Choose colors that fit the taste of the occasion.

Dresses are Made with Unique Designs Based on Their Structure

Yes, trendy dresses have unique designs through alterations to their structure. You can get designs by changing and adding details to the appearance of:

  • Bodice

This is the area from the neck to where the skirt is attached. Dress designs depend on the following areas of the bodice

  • Neck area: They can be made as v-shaped, turtle neck,  round neck, off the shoulder, or one shoulder.
  • Sleeves or sleeveless: Some dresses are made unique based on either of the two. Those with sleeves can be long/bishop sleeves, angle sleeves, cap sleeves, and raglan. They can also be designed as either strapped or strapless.

Cute corset dresses are sewn and shaped to have a cinched waistline to create that specific design.

  • Skirt

The skirt of the dress can determine its length. For instance maxi dresses, midi, and mini dresses. You can also have the skirt pleated, mermaid-shaped, A-line, ruffled, bubble, and straight.

The selection of a specific design of dress depends on the third fact discussed below.

Dresses are Worn According to Body Shape

 A perfect dress matches well with the body shape. Do you have body features that you would love to accentuate? What about the ones you want to downplay?  Remember this fact for the right choice. It is comforting to know that a lot of dresses are in different sizes. Be assured that there is a specific dress that will match your look perfectly. All you need to do is to embrace your body shape. The following is what you ought to know:

  • Pear-Shaped Body

 This is the type of body shape that has the upper body smaller than the lower. It is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips and thicker legs on the lower part. In choosing the right dress, aim for the sleeveless strapless dresses. This aspect will draw people’s eyes to focus on your upper body. Concerning the skirt of your dress, you can choose to go with flared design or the A-line.  Your target is to look balanced.

  • Rectangular Shape

If you have an athletic look then you have this type of body shape.  Narrow shoulders, small busts, thin thighs, and hips give a slender appearance.  In dressing this body shape, you can look for dresses that create an illusion of curviness. Corset dresses can also be used to create a curvy look in this shape. Furthermore, you can try dresses with asymmetric properties. You can choose dresses with dimensions in the form of patterns and prints. However, be careful to balance out the patterns to maintain the perfect look.

  • Hourglass Shape

 As the most admired body shape you expect all the features to be balanced in both the upper and lower body.  When choosing a dress for this shape, aim for ones that cinch the waist for the perfect curve. Cute corset dresses can perfectly curve out the appearance of an hourglass shape.

  • Inverted Triangle Shape

Just as the name suggests, this body shape has broad shoulders with narrow and slender legs.  Therefore it is advisable to select dresses that add to the hip area and thus draw attention away from the shoulders. You can also try dresses with cap sleeves or spaghetti straps to create a narrow shoulder illusion.

Dresses are Made from Different Fabrics

There is an array of fabrics making dresses today.  You may choose types of dresses from different fabrics based on the setting, occasion, and personal style. There are variations of woven or knitted materials that make dresses.

Woven materials include:

  • Organza
  • Taffeta
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Cotton

Knitted Fabrics 

These fabrics have stretch abilities and are wrinkle-free. They can be made from cotton, fleece, cashmere, or wool. Today you can get women’s mini and midi knitted dresses online. They are also available in pretty designs and patterns. You can check out knit dress designs from lacemade.com.

The above facts are what make up the different types of dresses. Understanding them will make your choices easier.